Can you solve a mystery that's over 50 years old?

The new augmented reality game.

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What is the Zodiac?

In the Zodiac, we erased the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world.

The Zodiac is a multiplayer game designed for a maximum of 4 users. The game's actions are integrated into the real world using augmented reality functions. The Zodiac consists of several levels that players must pass to complete the game. The levels of the game are located in different locations in the city, so it will have to be similar to pass the game.

In this game, you will feel like a real FBI agent! You will have to work with evidence, collect information, analyze, solve puzzles to collect all parts of the puzzle, and catch a serial killer.


The game is based on real events.

In the late 1960s, California was engulfed in fear: a criminal with vague motives was brought to the region. He always acted prudently and left little or no evidence, and few witnesses saw his face clearly, making it very difficult to investigate. Moreover, the abuser wrote to the newspapers and criticized or praised the police depending on the progress of the investigation.

He made three attacks on young couples while dating away from people. The maniac used a pistol and a knife: sometimes at gunpoint, he forced the victims to tie each other up and put a cold weapon into action, sometimes shooting them right in the car. The motive for the crimes is unclear. There was practically no evidence, even though some of the victims survived and helped to make a sketch.

Game features


As the game progresses, players will collect evidence, analyze it and compare it. Inspect crime scenes and communicate with witnesses

Various Professions

Players may specialize in different professions: FBI agent, journalist, coroner, and cryptoanalyst. Players from different professions will be asked to work together to catch a serial killer and unlock rare content

Advanced Ar+ Encounters

The crime scene tags will run richly detailed 3D meetings in full expanded AR + 360 degrees, where players will need to carefully examine everything and gather important evidence

Individual Tasks

Each player, depending on the profession, will have different tasks, so success in catching the criminal will depend on the whole team

The Killer Is Setting Traps

The killer may leave traps for players he considers most dangerous to him. He'll try to get you out of the game in every possible way. You have to be careful not to follow the wrong trail because if you get caught, the game is over for you

Real World Exploration

While players explore the real world, they will find many interesting places on their map, including abandoned houses, greenhouses, buildings for various purposes and traces of the crime, where players can cause certain meetings


A confident killer will send encrypted messages that you will need to decipher

Virtual Helpers

Players can use the help of responsible citizens from the virtual world. Virtual assistants will indicate the scene of the crime, describe the suspect, as well as they will have a lot of useful information. Try to communicate with them more

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And the Zodiac game we erased the line between real and virtual worlds. You will find an amazing, exciting, and dangerous criminal world full of traps and puzzles.

Are you ready to plunge into this world? Are you ready to try to solve all puzzles and catch a serial killer, which no one can catch for 50 years?

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